So as I mentioned a couple of days ago, we had five ex Portsmouth University Photography students in to talk to us about their lives after graduation.

They were all very varied in their career choices so there was hopefully something that would interest us all!

The two that interested me the most were; Tim Bowditch and Vicky Chiswell.

Tim is from my little island so it was really lovely hearing that someone else from the rock can actually make it in the big world! After graduating he went to London to complete some paid internships and assisting job. Then from these opportunities he grabbed another one with a business called ‘Roof Unit’ which was set up in Mile End for 7/8 photographers, all conveniently needing assistants!

From this he managed to create a strong collection of images which didn’t find their way into a portfolio but gained him more work by word of mouth and existing clients.

The images therefore enabled him to be successful at gaining a grant from the Guernsey Arts Commission to create his own piece of work. He recommends that if you can get free funding from a source that you should apply each year with new ideas that you wouldn’t usually be able to creatively achieve.

I admired his ability to leave the rock and start afresh in a big city without any idea of what he wanted to do. I don’t think of have the guts to do this just yet, but who knows what the next year will bring!

Vicky Chiswell

Last Christmas I did some work experience in Guernsey at a place called ‘The Gallery’ which has a gallery space for local artists and also runs workshops for adults and children wanting to explore their creative abilities. Ever since this experience I have wanted to be involved in this field of the creative industry. I have dabbled with the idea of teaching, however this casual workshop teaching has always been the more attractive option.

When Vicky came in to talk to us, I was so glad that there was another graduate that went into this field! She managed to get into working for Aspex Gallery via volunteering for them, whilst there she also worked with Artsway in the New Forest, she needed this experience in lrder to work her way up to where she is today. She is now the Participation Programme Manager which involved widening the access to modern visual art. With many different clubs for a variety of ages, she wants to spread art to everyone; Holiday Club, Mini Makers, Aiming High, Kane’s Hill and volunteering schemes.

Vicky’s job sounds perfect to me once graduating and Tim’s job sounds amazing if I had the confidence to be so independent!

Now just to get working on these career plans in order to succeed after university, eek!